As a production/tour manager you are responsible for planning, organizing and coordinating the production process of the artistic creations on the one hand, and their (inter)national tours on the other. You are at the heart of the organization and work in close consultation with the artistic and business core of our team. Join the team? Send your CV + motivation letter to before 19/04/2021.


With Wim Vandekeybus’s new performance, Hands do not touch your precious Me, missing a physical premiere, Ultima Vez decided to present it to the public on January 16 via a livestream. The recording of this livestream will be broadcast on Podium 19 on Saturday April 10 at 9 p.m. Knack Focus **** "Hands do not touch your precious Me is like a ball of fire rushing in and making you shine with admiration and desire."


After Tornar (2015) and INVITED (2018), dancer and choreographer Seppe Baeyens continues to build on his study of the possibility of forming a temporary community with Birds (2021). In this new production he explores the separation between theatre and reality. In order to achieve this, he leaves the theatre and seeks out public spaces. The premiere on April 16 was postponed until further notice due to stricter corona measures. We will keep you posted for more news!