Atelier Quartier+ with Magdalena Öttl

@ Ultima Vez
Teacher: Magdalena Öttl

Workshop date Monday, April 3rd to Friday, April 7th, 2023

10:00 - 17:00

Workshop location
Ultima Vez (Brussels, Belgium)



When you can't attend the workshop anymore, you can get a refund until 72 hours before the start of the workshop. From that time on, we don't give any refund.


Magdalena Öttl (c) Nickel Photography

Atelier of poor choreographies

This atelier will circulate around a dance alone and a dance together. Two dances forming one big choreography written by the community that we form. A simple group dance, a low stake activity. A basic effort towards a choreography that wants to be made and survive for one day.

First of all this Atelier aims to unlock each one's individual form of physical expression. Then it seeks to stimulate the act of crafting a choreography together. These two themes are channeled into tools that will be applied within tasks for improvisation and sessions of instant composition. The main experience will be sharing the authorship of choreographies that arise in the moment. In real time and real speed, we will support and witness each other's methods of participating with creativity. During the week we will try to sense the micro community that we form. We will develop rules, games, insiders, copy mechanisms, strategies to invent and then define our own aesthetics.

We will be working with improvised movements and intuitive actions, no specific dance style will be imposed. We will learn how to activate thoughts, body and space, by getting to know how to use gravity, rhythm, momentum and imagination. We will find access to each one's creative flow, in order to explore the process of individual and mutual decision making.

The target audience for this Atelier is a group of people with little, no or semi professional background in dance. People of all gender identities, (dis)abilities, ethnic and cultural backgrounds who have interest in making choreography at a very low stake are welcome to join. Participants from age 12+ are welcome, the course will be given in English, but Magdalena will try to use language as little as possible and will count on the participation of each one to help the group understand its needs and questions.