For the residency activities, we are deepening structural collaborations with workspacebrussels, MAP/WIPCOOP and Platform In De Maak, who together represent a broad spectrum of artists. They are given studio space, autonomously select the artists who use it, and each frame them from the perspective of their own organisation. The operation also includes the show moments and Open Studios in-house in collaboration with. with WSB, and an active participation of Ultima Vez in the Brussels partner consultation of WIPCOOP.


Platform In De Maak is a horizontal organization that facilitates space for presentation, development and needs of starting art professionals in the performing arts. The artistic operation is a collective responsibility to which all makers involved commit themselves based on the principle 'who organizes, programs'. In this way, the Platform builds a solidary and sustainable network and the starting makers can build up various skills, both artistic and production/business.


WIPCOOP is the 'Work In Progress Cooperative' of Mestizo Arts Platform that gives artists and new stage creations extra wind in their sails to develop further, until they are ready to conquer the stages. It is an interurban collaboration with the aim of making new artistic work visible and linking artists with organizations that can help them further with the development, presentation and distribution of their work. The most important tools for this are the annual WIPCOOP days in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent and Mechelen, where new work is shown to an audience of professional viewers and engagements within the network of partners are gauged.


workspacebrussels is a laboratory for artistic development within the performing arts and focuses on research, experiment and creation. The projects are selected via an open call and can go into residency at one of the partner organizations. workspacebrussels provides the necessary framework and presentation moments.


The dancers who perform in our own productions also receive support from Ultima Vez in making their own work.

nieuwZwart (c) Pieter-Jan De Pue