Arno Hommage w/ Special guests


The profits from the AB concerts will go entirely to Kom Op Tegen Kanker, an organistation that was very dear to Arno.

In early 2022, Arno played a wrenchingly compelling Radio 1 Session where, in no uncertain terms, he introduced ‘Les Yeux de ma Mère’ with the sadly prophetic words that he would soon be going to visit his mother, up there above. The impact of that moment was huge. Barely a few months later – after the actual passing of le plus beau on 23 April 2022 – ‘Les Yeux de ma Mère’ adorned the top spot in the ‘Belpop 100’ and was also number one in the ‘Radio 1 Classics 1000’. In his shadow: Tom Waits, John Lennon, David Bowie, The Beatles, Queen, Fleetwood Mac, Nina Simone and Nick Cave were clamouring for a coveted spot in the Top 10. The nation had overwhelmingly and immediately crowned Arno – now appointed an Officer in the Order of the Crown – a National Hero.

That same evening was impactful for another reason. As Arno turned to us backstage to ask if we would set up a worthy tribute in his beloved venue: the AB he always described as his ‘second living room’. A tribute with a line-up of artists that had his absolute blessing: musicians that he wrote musical history with, warmly worked with, or that he simply admired. That list, in close consultation with Arno, took shape very quickly. After all, Arno always knew what he wanted. And AB did its very best to realise Arno’s wishes, together with Arno’s right-hand man and bass player Mirko Banovic, friend and photographer Danny Willems, and manager Cyril Prieur.

Believe you me: we won’t get any closer to Le Plus Beau than Arno Homage.

The concerts will take place in AB (Saturday 17 + Sunday 18 June 2023) but also in Arno’s beloved Ostend (Thursday 22nd of June 2023) and in November we will honour le plus beau in the prestigious Parisian venue Salle Pleyel.

These artists will perform at the ARNO HOMAGE on SATURDAY 17th of JUNE:

Ad Cominotto
Bj Scott
Jane Birkin
Jean-Marie Aerts
Marie-Laure Béraud
Melanie De Biasio
Patricia Kaas
Pieter-Jan De Smet (PJDS)
Tom Barman (dEUS)
Serge Feys
Stef Kamil Carlens (Zita Swoon)
Wim Opbrouck
Wim Vandekeybus
Zwangere Guy