Wim Vandekeybus will be starting the creation of 'VOID' in May!

In this new creation, Vandekeybus embraces the void – even more so – he seeks it out. He starts anew, goes back to square one, taking the simple emptiness as a starting point to arrive at a new form of awareness. He not only seeks to feel existence, life, in a different way, but also aims to add a new way of valuing the performance. By looking differently, within complete simplicity.

"Enlarging by emptying" sounds contradictory but works in a simple way: an empty room seems bigger than a full one. True essence demands throwing off all ballast. An emptiness filled with elusive dignity. Bodies attracting each other like minerals and magnets. Movement as expression of the deepest inner state... An emptiness that offers countless possibilities to be filled...

Another way of

set design: less is more.

dance: the elusiveness of bodies.

sound: silence as loud as music.

observation: nothing is what it seems.

creation: looking for what cannot be seen.

construction: chaos is an ordered multitude.

morality: opposites are part of an identical matter.

sociality: alone is so many.

existence: the infinite is incomprehensibly fascinating.

Premiering 23/10/2024 at KVS!

Tickets and info: https://www.kvs.be/nl/agenda/1...

Void rehearsal pictures © Wim Vandekeybus